FAQ Quality Assurance

Software testing helps you improve the quality of your software products. Quality Assurance testing includes investigation, simulation and testing procedures to prove that your software project is good to be released on the market. Quality testing is performed by quality engineers who develop and perform special actions to verify the proper functionality, design and integration of your software product.
Software testing is common practice for all IT projects including web sites, web services, mobile applications, games and more. The QA service helps developers deliver games to ensure top user experience. If you are a games or software developer, QA gives you better performance and easier releases If you are software publisher, QA guarantees a reliable state of quality for all applications under your brand.
Software testing helps you deliver better user experiences to your customers. Quality assurance improves the overall quality of your apps. Higher quality means higher user satisfaction. Which ultimately means more returning users and more profit.
Yes, quality assurance improves the development process. When performed at the early stages of development, Quality testing helps you predict and prevent vulnerabilities and risks before they turn into problems. Quality Assurance helps in the optimisation of development costs and drives faster releases.
You can request Software Testing service if you are a developer or a client As a software developer you can include software testing as part of your development process. This will allow you to reach better performance, bug-free releases and good reputation. Actually you can ask for software testing before you pay for your final product. This can help you confirm your project conformity and reveal all unwanted flaws of your software.
Software testing is a service, performed by quality engineers. Testing of your project varies in time and cost depending on the complexity of your software, supported devices and overall grade of the code. Software testing costs are incomparably smaller than possible benefits after your successful release.
Software testing begins with initial test of the first alpha version of your software. A testing report is being prepared including the issues found sorted by importance. Once the issues are fixed, a software tester does another testing cycle. Testing cycles follow each of the bugs fixing stages until the build is finished.
Depending on the type of your project, software testing follows one or more types: Functional testing - for the proper functionality of your project User Interface testing – for the good performance of apps and sites User Experience testing - for best user satisfaction after interaction with your application Localisation testing - for excellent compliance to local behavior, language, ads, regulations Integration testing - for good communication to social networks, partner systems or common services Security testing - for protection against cheating, attacks or unauthorized access Compatibility testing - for smooth performance on all mobile devices, computers and machines