QA Training by senseQA

If you are a game developer and you prefer to do all game stuff in-house?

If you wonder how to test your own games?

If you are a QA Specialist that wants to focus on QA for games?


Sign up for your Practical QA training provided by senseQA.

  • Easy to apply keys
  • Game Testing know-how that gives results
  • Basic Knowledge of QA to help you test your game

QA training focused on practice.

Following the real project growth and process of development



  1. Types of testing and time estimation
  2. Setting up an environment
  3. Test case and bug exploration
  4. Bug definition and reporting
  5. Testing summary and project evaluation
  6. Project update and regression testing
  7. After release care


Skills and know-how

To manage performance and quality of web and mobile apps and services

To attend project opportunities and deliver services as a QA Specialist


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